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Trinidad and Tobago Chemical Society 

Professional Integrity Policy 

The Professional Integrity (PI) policy of the Trinidad and Tobago Chemical Society (TTCS) is a set of fundamental principles regarding conduct and behaviour at one's institution (company, university, otherwise) that all members of the TTCS are expected to comply with. These are applicable whether or not the member is a practicing chemist. 

The five principles are as follows: 

(i) Objectivity 

Members shall execute their duties without any bias (of any type), conflicts of interest, or subject to influence. This requires the member to ensure that they have all of the available information possible prior to making a decision. 

(ii) Confidentiality 

Members shall keep information from business and professional relationships confidential; unless authorized or required by law / professional duty to reveal such information. Furthermore, members must not use such information to gain personal benefit of themselves or third parties. 

(iii) Competence and due diligence 

Members are required to ensure that they are suitably qualified (formal academic qualifications and experience as necessary) to provide a service as requested by an employer or client.  

Furthermore, members are required to adhere to a framework of Continuing Professional Development, which includes but is not limited to: training courses, webinars, academic certifications. 

(iv) Integrity 

Members shall be honest and accurate in all professional relationships and communications. 


(v) Professional behaviour 

Members will comply with all laws and regulatory framework in the jurisdiction of operation. They are expected to behave in an appropriate and socially acceptable manner in all professional spheres. 

A member who inadvertently breaches this policy must immediately advise the Executive of the TTCS. A member who deliberately breaches this policy may be subject to a suspension of their membership, or other consequences. 

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