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Trinidad and Tobago Chemical Society 

Policy on Benefits to Members 

All recognized members of the Trinidad and Tobago Chemical Society are afforded equal access to advertised membership benefits including specialised programmes and funding opportunities, but not withstanding rules attached to such programmes or opportunities and their associated benefits, and based on the purpose and scope of the specific benefit, which may be applicable to the same. 

All benefits advertised by the TTCS shall be maintained by the TTCS unless it is deemed non-compliant with local laws/regulations, outside the current scope of the TTCS or results in unrecoverable losses to the TTCS or financial commitments beyond that anticipated by the TTCS.  

Benefits provided to TTCS members by third party organisations are not under the control of the TTCS and can be amended or withdrawn at any time, with or without formal notification.  

TTCS reserves the right to modify, amend, change or cancel any membership benefit at any time and will communicate such in writing to members at their official mailing address or other nominated contact mechanism. 

All members agree to provide acknowledgement to the TTCS for any benefits received, including tangible benefits such as grants, awards, prizes and access to training and mentorship. Acknowledgements should state the name of the benefit accessed and the organisation’s full name. 

Any financial benefits accessed by a member or non-member of the TTCS shall comply with the TTCS Financial Integrity Policy and the rules attached to that specific benefit. Reasonable proof of the use of funding is to be provided by the grantee and shall be kept by the TTCS for a minimum period of 5 years from the time of receipt of documentary evidence. It is the awardees’ responsibility to perform and keep proper accounting for grants received and to cover the cost of accounting, where necessary. Breach of this rule may result in a request for repayment of the grant or suspension or cancellation of grant at the sole discretion of the TTCS. 

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