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Frequently Asked Questions


Who should be a member? 

Anyone with an interest in the chemical sciences can apply to join the TTCS. The TTCS will evaluate your suitability for membership based on the following criteria: 

  1. Membership application relevant to career stage or experience and education/training 

  1. Evidence of firm interest in the chemical sciences or formal training in the chemical sciences 

  1. Evidence of non-formal training or work experience in the chemical sciences (where applicable) 

  1. Role in the chemical sciences and industry (where applicable) 


We define chemicals sciences in the broadest terms to include chemists, chemical engineers, science educators, science administrators, biotechnologists, biochemists and those in agricultural chemistry fields. You may be working or studying or running your own enterprise any of these areas and could beeligible for membership in the TTCS. 


Membership categories and fees 

  • Student Member – this membership is suited to persons under the age of 25 years who have or are pursuing secondary level education in the chemical sciences. The fee for this category is $40TT per annum 

  • Associate Member - this membership is suited to persons who have completed at least a first degree at an accredited tertiary education institution in the chemical sciences and are working in fields related to the chemical sciences or pursuing further studies in the chemical sciences. A first degree is defined as anAssociate’s degree or Bachelor’s Degree but combination of experience and training may also be used to apply for this category of membership. The fee for this category is $200TT per annum 

  • Regular Member- this membership is suited to persons who have at least a second degree (Masters or PhD) or professional qualification in the chemical sciences and/or have extensive industry experience related to the chemical sciences or education.  The fee for this category is $300TT per annum 

*Fees are due on the anniversary date of your acceptance to join TTCS. 


How can I apply to join the TTCS? 

You can fill in the online application form  

Alternatively you can print the form and email to the TTCS.



How will my application be handled? 

After we receive your application you will get an acknowledgement email or mobile text message. We will write to you within two weeks of receiving your application asking for additional information if required, e.g. degree certificates to prove your level of education, or to welcome you into the TTCS.  Your personal information will be held in accordance with our Data and Privacy Policy and will be kept until you inform us in writing that you no longer wish to be a member and request us to remove your personal information from our registry. In such a case only your name and joining date and re-registration date will be held in our registry. 

Your membership application will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Team of the TTCS and all information provided will be held in confidence.  


General Rules for members


Members of the TTCS are expected to pay their dues at the anniversary of their acceptance to join TTCS 

Members of the TTCS agree and acknowledge that the TTCS is the official national organisation that represents the views and advocates on behalf of its members in the chemical sciences (in Trinidad and Tobago) to external learned societies, including but not limited to the Royal Society of Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Canadian Chemical Society and Commonwealth Chemistry. This rule doesnot preclude student organisations from advocating on their own behalf to external bodies, nor any other organisation from using resources of external bodies in any why they deem fit.  


Members of the TTCS are obliged to adhere to the following policies: 

TTCS Diversity and Inclusivity Policy 

TTCS Professional Integrity Policy 

TTCS Policy on Benefits to Members and Acknowledgement of Same 

TTCS Financial Integrity Policy 

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