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Trinidad and Tobago Chemical Society 

Diversity and Inclusivity Policy 

The Trinidad and Tobago Chemical Society (TTCS) supports equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusivity for all persons within the organisation and promotes the principles herein outlined.  

The TTCS believes that the progress in and contribution of the chemical sciences to society relies on excellent science that goes beyond borders and boundaries.  

The TTCS believes that the chemical sciences and education should be accessible to all persons. 

The TTCS will not treat any member or external person or entity in less favourable terms on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, presence of disabilities, maternal status and educational or economic background.  

The TTCS will ensure, to the best of its ability and knowledge, equality and fairness in all practices, protocols and activities of the organisation. The TTCS encourages an inclusive culture which acknowledges diversity as a strength and meets its responsibilities to persons who are differently abled. 

The TTCS will investigate any suspected or reported breeches of this policy in a timely manner via a committee of no less than three members and/or directors appointed for the same by the TTCS Executive. Members who are in breach of this policy will have their membership suspended and all current activities/grants suspended or cancelled, without recourse to refunds of membership fees and or fulfilment of previous commitments made unless required under Trinidad and Tobago Law or upon alternate advice of legal counsel.  

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